Exploration of environmental flow phenomena by laboratory models and data mining

Exploration of environmental flow phenomena by laboratory models and data mining

Large scale flow processes in the atmosphere and oceans determine short term changes (weather) and long term time evolution (climate) in our environment. In order to understand the essential physics behind the large scale flow phenomena, we work on properly rescaled laboratory modeling in the von Kármán Laboratory of Environmental Flows. The basic infrastructure is built around two rotating platforms and two midsize wave-tanks, observations are performed by various sensors and camera systems. Besides basic research in the lab, we compass exploratory data analysis of environmental records such as the European Re-Analysis (ERA-40, ERA-Interim), satellite and ground based observations. Our field of interests covers a rather wide area from correlation properties of meteorological parameters to the physical limitations of wind energy, including a few exotic subjects such as global lightning statistics or Lagrangian transport phenomena.

Project leader(s): Imre M. Jánosi; Tamás Tél; Miklós Vincze

Participant(s): None

Webpage: karman3.elte.hu


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