Hiromichi Tagawa

Hiromichi Tagawa

postdoctoral fellow (2017-2020)

Supervisor: Bence Kocsis

PhD (Tokyo University, Tokyo, 2017)

Department of Atomic Physics

Room(s): Lágymányos Campus, Northern Building North Block 2.137
Extension(s): +36-1-372-2500 / 6369
Mobile(s): +36-70-255-1217
Email: uh.etle.raseac@awagath


My research interests include stellar dynamics, the astrophysical origin of gravitational wave events, and the formation of supermassive black holes.

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Selected publications of recent years:

  1. H. Tagawa, Z. Haiman, B. Kocsis, Making a supermassive star by stellar bombardment, arXiv: 1909.10517
  2. H. Tagawa, T. Saitoh, B. Kocsis, Compact Object Mergers Driven by Gas Fallback, PRL, 120, 261101 (2018)
  3. H. Tagawa, M. Umemura, Merger of Multiple Accreting Black Holes Concordant with Gravitational-wave Events, ApJ, 856, 47 (2018)
  4. H. Tagawa, M. Umemura, N. Gouda, Mergers of accreting stellar-mass black holes, MNRAS, 462, 3812 (2016)
  5. H. Tagawa, M. Umemura, N. Gouda, T. Yano, Y. Yamai, Early cosmic merger of multiple black holes, MNRAS, 451, 2174 (2015)
  6. K. Hattori, N. Gouda, H. Tagawa, N. Sakai, T. Yano, J. Baba, J. Kumamoto, Metallicity dependence of the Hercules stream in Gaia/RAVE data - explanation by non-closed orbits, MNRAS, 484, 4540 (2019)
  7. A. Rasskazov, G. Fragione, N. W. C. Leigh, H. Tagawa, A. Sesana, A. Price-Whelan, E. M. Rossi, Hypervelocity Stars from a Supermassive Black Hole─Intermediate-mass Black Hole Binary, ApJ, 878, 17 (2019)