Kiran Lakhchaura

Kiran Lakhchaura

postdoctoral fellow (2016-2021)

Supervisor: Dr. Norbert Werner

PhD (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India, 2015)

Department of Atomic Physics
MTA-ELTE Astrophysics Research Group

Room(s): Lágymányos Campus, Northern Building 2.136
Extension(s): +36-1-372-2500 / 6329
Email: uh.etle.raseac@karuahchkal



Dynamics and evolution of clusters of galaxies, groups and early-type galaxies using multi-wavelength observations. The broad areas of interest include:
• Thermodynamics of clusters, groups and giant ellipticals and effect of non-gravitational processes.
• Central AGN feedback mechanism in clusters, groups and giant ellipticals.
• Cold gas in giant ellipticals: Origin and its role in AGN feedback cycle.
• Central metallicity drops in clusters and groups of galaxies.
• Scaling relations in clusters, groups and ellipticals.
• Development of new statistical analysis techniques for analyzing X-ray emission from clusters, groups and giant ellipticals using Bayesian analysis, MCMC.
• Substructures and mergers in galaxy clusters.
• Large-scale radio emission from clusters and its connection with mergers.

• Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Lendület Hot Universe Research Group, Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest, Hungary) with Dr. Norbert Werner from Nov. 2016 to present.
• National Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore) with Dr. Prateek Sharma from August 2016 to Oct. 2016.
• Research associate at the Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore) with Dr. Prateek Sharma from Nov. 2014 to Dec. 2015.

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Selected publications of recent years:

  1. Correlations between supermassive black holes, hot atmospheres, and the total masses of early-type galaxies, K. Lakhchaura, N. Truong, N. Werner, 2019, MNRAS Letters, 488, 134.
  2. Possible depletion of metals into dust grains in the core of the Centau- rus cluster of galaxies, K. Lakhchaura, Mernier F., N. Werner, 2019, A&A, 623, 17.
  3. Powerful AGN jets and unbalanced cooling in the hot atmosphere of IC 4296, R. Grossová, N. Werner, K. Rajpurohit, F. Mernier, K. Lakhchaura, K. Gabányi, R.E.A. Canning, P. Nulsen, F. Massaro, M. Sun, T. Con- nor, A. King, S. W. Allen, R. Lyn-Salmon Frisbie, M. Donahue, A. C. Fabian, 2019, MNRAS, 488, 1917
  4. Cooling in the X-ray halo of the rotating, massive early-type galaxy NGC 7049, A. Juráňová, N. Werner, M. Gaspari, K. Lakhchaura, P.E.J. Nulsen, M. Sun, R.E.A. Canning, S.W. Allen, A. Simionescu, J.B.R. Oonk, T. Connor, M. Donahue, 2019, MNRAS, 484, 2886.
  5. Thermodynamic properties, multiphase gas and AGN feedback in a large sample of giant ellipticals, K. Lakhchaura, N. Werner, M. Sun, R. E. A. Canning, M. Gaspari, S. W. Allen, T. Connor, M. Donahue and C. Sarazin, 2018, MNRAS, 481, 4472.
  6. Digging for red nuggets: discovery of hot haloes surrounding massive, compact, relic galaxies, N. Werner, K. Lakhchaura, R. E. A. Canning, M. Gaspari, A. Simionescu, 2018, MNRAS, 477, 3886.
  7. Decoding X-ray observations from centres of galaxy clusters using MCMC, K. Lakhchaura, T. D. Saini and P. Sharma, 2016, MNRAS, 460, 2625.
  8. Dynamics of ten clusters of galaxies with substructures, K. Lakhchaura, K. P. Singh, 2014, AJ, 147, 156
  9. The Cluster pair : A3532 and A3530, K. Lakhchaura, K. P. Singh, D. J. Saikia and R. W. Hunstead, 2013, ApJ, 767, 91.
  10. Intracluster Medium of the Merging Cluster A3395, K. Lakhchaura, K. P. Singh, D. J. Saikia and R. W. Hunstead, 2011, ApJ, 743, 78.