Sámuel G. Balogh

Sámuel G. Balogh

PhD student

Supervisor: Pollner Péter, Palla Gergely, (2021)

Department of Biological Physics

Room(s): Lágymányos Campus, Northern Building 3.72
Extension(s): +36-1-372-2500 / 6353
Email: uh.etle.lah@hgolab


I specialize in foundations of complex systems, network theory and its application to biology and physics. Namely, I work on biological networks, hierarchical self-organization, community detection algorithms, percolation theory, anomalous diffusion, as well as on developing concepts that generalize entropy.

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Selected publications of recent years:

  1. J.M. Amigó, S.G. Balogh , S. Hernández. A Brief Review of Generalized Entropies. Entropy 2018, 20, 813. link
  2. S. G. Balogh, D. Zagyva, P. Pollner and G. Palla, Time evolution of the hierarchical networks between PubMed MeSH terms, PLoS ONE 14, e0220648 (2019). link
  3. S. G. Balogh, P. Pollner and G. Palla, Generalised thresholding of hidden variable network models with scale-free property, Scientific Reports 9, 11273 (2019). link
  4. D. Czégel, S. G. Balogh, P. Pollner, G, Palla, Phase space volume scaling of generalized entropies and anomalous diffusion scaling governed by corresponding non-linear Fokker-Planck equations, Scientific Reports 8, 1883 (2018). link