Evelin Berekméri

Evelin Berekméri

PhD student

Supervisor: Máté Nagy, Anna Zafeiris, (2023)

Department of Biological Physics
MTA-ELTE Lendület Collective Behaviour Research Group

Room(s): Lágymányos Campus, Northern Building 3.95
Extension(s): +36-1-372-2500 / 6353
Email: n.a.


Research topic:

  • Investigation of collective behaviour with machine learning algorithms


  • Modern Physics Laboratory (Diffusion)

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Selected publications of recent years:

  1. Berekméri, E., Derényi, I. & Zafeiris, A. Optimal structure of groups under exposure to fake news. Appl Netw Sci 4, 101 (2019) DOI