Application process

Before reaching a final decision about applications for the Stipendium Hungaricum grant, promising applicants are asked to pass an entrance examination. The entrance examination is held during May at a previously agreed time and takes 2 hours to finish. Applicants have to solve four problems. The problems will be sent via email to the applicants, who are expected to acknowledge the acceptence of them in 10 minutes and send the solution in 2 hours in electronic form (either scan it or take photos of it). Please ensure the readability of the solutions (meaning both the handwriting and the proper conversion to electronic format)!

The range of topics of the exam:

  1. mechanics: point mechanics, Lagrangian formalism, mechanics of rigid bodies, mechanics of fluids and gases, elasticity, waves
  2. electrodynamics: electro- and magnetostatics, stationary currents, electromagnetic waves, radiation, optics
  3. quantum mechanics: calculation of energy eigenvalues of bound states, collisions, transition and reflection probabilities, angular momentum, spin, perturbation theory
  4. statistical physics: application of statistical ensembles, classical and quantum statistics

Problems from previous years: