Information on thesis work

The Institute of Physics maintains the masters thesis topics electronically at this website.

  • The list of the available approved topics may expand until the application deadline. Clicking at the title detailed information appears about the supervisor and the character of the work to be done. One may express his/her interest by clicking at the "I apply" link, without any confinement of the number of the topics of interest. The application requires (beyond availability) the NEPTUN account. The supervisor receives the typed data via E-mail and he/she may initiate further consultation.
  • The application may be finalized by the supervisor.
  • A student can have only one finalized application in a year.
  • After having finalized the application, the supervisor makes a printout of the application form, signs it, forwards it to the student who signs it, too (if the supervisor is an outsider, the university supervisor should also sign it), and forwards it to the registrars department (Northern Building, 1.77A). The deadline is the ending date of the registration period of the "Thesis consultation I." course.

Formal requirements of the thesis is regulated by paragraph 78. of the HKR (book of students' requirements) and paragraph 551., the latter being specific for the Faculty of Science. The expected extension of the thesis is 40-120 pages, formally it should comply with the usual requirements of scientific papers. Adherence to these rules is controlled by the supervisor(s). The thesis is written in English or Hungarian (if the teaching was in English, the thesis must be written in English, too).

In case of technical difficulties please contact Prof. Imre Jánosi ( Department of Complex Systems, room 5.54, phone: 372-2878 or 6578 extension, E-mail: janosi at

The responsible person in thesis issues is Prof. Gábor Horváth ( Department of Biological Physics, room 3.69, phone: 372-2765 or extensions 6365; 6372, E-mail: gh at It is he whom you may ask for advice or help connected with choice of topics and preparation of the thesis.

Submission deadline:

12 o'clock on the last workday of May (in the spring semester) and 12 o'clock on the second workday of January (in the fall semester). If the faculty building is closed on that day, the deadline is postponed to the day of the opening.

The thesis should be submitted in two copies at the secretariat of the Department of Complex Systems (room 5.64). One copy should be a hard cover one, equipped with a CD supplement, containing the electronic version of the thesis. The other copy (which is returned to the student at the final exam) may have any kind of cover. The supervisor's written opinion should also be attached (on separate sheet in two copies). A statement declaring the originality of the work should be bound at the end of the thesis.

With regard to the epidemiological emergency:

  • the thesis does not have to be submitted in printed form, but only electronically through the Neptun system before the deadline;
  • the statement of originality must be inserted at the end of the thesis (signature is not required because it is substituted by the electronic submission);
  • the supervisor (or consultant in case of external supervisor) should also upload his/her opinion/review (or that of the supervisor's in case of external supervisor) through the Neptun system before the deadline.