Zoltán Attila Rácz

Zoltán Attila Rácz

Emeritus Researcher of the HAS

PhD (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, 1973)

Habilitation (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, 1999)

Full member of HAS (2010)

Department of Theoretical Physics

Room(s): Lágymányos Campus, Northern Building 6.79B
Phone(s): +36-1-372-2516
Extension(s): +36-1-372-2500 / 6116
Homepage: cgl.elte.hu
Email: uh.etle.lareneg@zcar


Born in Dunaharaszti, Hungary, on December 6, 1946. Hungarian citizen.

Education: B.Sc. St.Petersburg State University, 1971,
Ph.D. in physics, Eötvös University, Budapest, 1973.

Previous positions:
Research positions from Postdoc to Research Professor at MTA-ELTE Research Group in Theoretic Physics (1975-2016).

Present positions:
MTA-Emeritus Researcher, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2017- ),
Chair, Physics Section of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2017-2020).

Foreign stays:
Mc Master University (1973-75, 1978-80), Universita degli Studi di Roma 'La Sapienza' (1982 Fall and 1999 Summer semesters), Simon Fraser University (1983-86, 1990-91), University of British Columbia (1989-90), Clarkson University (1991-92),
Tohoku University (1991 Summer semester), Virginia Polytechnic Institue and State University (1992-94), Oxford University (1997-98), Universite de Paris-Sud (2001, 2002 and 2003 Fall semesters).

Teaching: Undergraduate and graduate courses in
mechanics, electrodynamics, quantum mechanics, thermal physics, statistical physics, stochastic processes, pattern formation
at the following universities:
Eötvös University, McMaster University (Hamilton), Simon Fraser University (Burnaby), University of British Columbia (Vancouver), Clarkson University (Potsdam), Tohoku University (Sendai), Virginia Polytechnic Institue and State University (Blacksburg), Universite de Paris-Sud (Orsay) .

Research fields:
Phase transitions in non-equilibrium steady states.
Pattern formation in growth processes, reaction zones.
Properties of fluctuating interfaces, extreme value statistics.
Non-equilibrium quantum spin-chains.

Academic Awards:
Novobátzky prize of the Hungarian Physical Society, 1976.
Physics Committee Award of the Hungarian Academy, 1988.
Award of the Hungarian Academy, 1990.
Széchenyi Professorship, 1997-2000.
Corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2004.
Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2010.
Széchenyi Prize, 2015.

Professional activities:
Executive Editor, Fluctuation and Noise Letters (2004-07).
Co-Editor, Europhysics Letters (2005-08).
Advisory Editor, Europhysics Letters (2008-11).

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Selected publications of recent years:

  1. G. Palma, F. Niedermayer, Z. Rácz, A. Riveros, and D. Zambrano, Phys. Rev. E 94, 022145 (2016) , Finite-size corrections to scaling of the magnetization distribution in the two-dimensional XY model at zero temperature
  2. M. Walliser, F. Boudoire, E. Orosz, R. Tóth, A. Braun, E. C. Constable, Z. Rácz, and I. Lagzi, Langmuir 31, 1828-1834 (2015), Growth of Nanoparticles and Microparticles by Controlled Reaction-Diffusion Processes
  3. B. Péter, S. Kurunczi, D. Patkó, I. Lagzi, B. Kowalczyk, Z. Rácz, B. A. Grzybowski, and R. Horváth, Langmuir 30, 13478-13482 (2014), Label-Free in Situ Optical Monitoring of the Adsoption of Oppositely Charged Nanoparticles
  4. S. Thomas, G. Varghese, D. Bárdfalvi, I. Lagzi, and Z. Rácz, Chem. Phys. Lett. 599, 159-162 (2014), Helicoidal precipitation patterns in silica and agarose gels
  5. S. Thomas, I. Lagzi, F. Molnár Jr., and Z. Rácz , Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 078303 (2013), Probability of the Emergence of Helical Precipitation Patterns in the Wake of Reaction-Diffusion Fronts
  6. V. Eisler and Z. Rácz , Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 060602 (2013), Full Counting Statistics in a Propagating Quantum Front and Random Matrix Spectra