Ghahraman Arash

Ghahraman Arash


Témavezető: Gyula Bene, (2021)

Szoba: n.a.
Telefon: +36-20-448-9392
Mellék: n.a.
Mobilszám: n.a.
Honlap: n.a.
Emailcím: moc.liamg@dooghg.hsara


I am a Ph.D. candidate at Eötvös Loránd University, with eight years of experience specializing in Physics and Computational methods. Through the years of research, I have worked hard to become a world-class researcher. As a result, I published seven academic papers in peer-reviewed journals. I am interested in computational fluid dynamics, oceanography, Data science, and machine learning. I had executive responsibilities at Chabahar Maritime University, as well as teaching physics courses.

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Az utolsó 5 év válogatott közleményei:

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