Temesvári Tamás

Temesvári Tamás

tudományos főmunkatárs

PhD (Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem, Budapest, 1995)

Theoretical Physics Research Group

Szoba: 2.89
Telefon: +36-1-372-2526
Mellék: +36-1-372-2500 / 6126
Mobilszám: n.a.
Honlap: n.a.
Emailcím: uh.etle.soileh@matmet


Research interest: statistical physics, disordered systems, spin glasses and other frustrated systems.

International connections:
1990-2007 : regular short visits, 2-4 weeks yearly, to the Theoretical Physics Institute of CEA, Saclay, France. A long collaboration with, beside other people, Cirano De Dominicis.
1997 and 2002: short visits to La Sapienza University, Rome, on invitations by Giorgio Parisi and Andrea Crisanti.
2001: short visit to the University of Lisbon, collaboration with Iveta Pimentel.
Regular visits of the foreign partners to Budapest (C. De Dominicis, F. Slanina, I. Pimentel, etc.).

Prizes and scholarships:
1993: Novobátzky-prize of the Eötvös Loránd Physical Society.
2000-03: Széchenyi Professor of Physics, scholarship.

Scientific activity:
Chapter in a scientific book: 1, in english, published by World Scientific.
Scientific articles: 33, all in english, published by peer reviewed international journals;
2 in hungarian, published in Magyar Tudomány and Fizikai Szemle.
Independent citations: 411.

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Az utolsó 5 év válogatott közleményei:

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  2. Temesvari, T Comment on "Critical point scaling of Ising spin glasses in a magnetic field" PHYSICAL REVIEW B 94 : 17 Paper: 176401 , 2 p. (2016)
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