Vona István

Vona István

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Elméleti Fizikai Tanszék
MTA-ELTE "Lendület" Integrálható Kvantumdinamika Kutatócsoport

Szoba: Északi tömb 6.83
Emailcím: uh.etle.tneduts@tsipv


I am interested in exactly solvable systems in theoretical high energy physics and statistical physics: more specifically, in 1+1 dimensional integrable quantum field theories and spin chains. I am studying the interplay of perturbative and non-perturbative effects in quantum field theories via resurgence theory and finite volume/temperature effects for form factors, and also ergodicity breaking in quantum many-body systems.

I participated in teaching a tutorial course for quantum mechanics during the autumn semesters of the years 2019 - 2021 at ELTE.

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