Flavour Physics LHCb / CODEXb Group

Flavour Physics LHCb / CODEXb Group


The research at the LHCb experiment at CERN concentrates on searches for new phenomena beyond the Standard Model of particle physics in two separate sectors. First, a search for heavy new particles that contribute to quantum mechanical loop processes involving the heavy b-quark is performed. Second, lighter but feebly interacting new particles that travel long distances before decaying into Standard Model particles can be searched for in a dedicated sub-detector of LHCb, CODEX-b. The group will play a leading role in the design and construction of CODEX-b. Moreover, a search for new exotic states of matter, pentaquarks and tetraquarks, is conducted which study is facilitated by the huge heavy quark yields at LHCb. Looking forward, the LHCb detector will undergo a series of major upgrades, in preparation for the High Luminosity LHC runs beyond 2030. The group will participate in R&D on an upgraded Electromagnetic Calorimeter.



Biplab Dey
assistant professor
ELTE honlap



Leader of the research group: Biplab Dey
Room(s): Lágymányos Campus, Northern Building 3.81
Extension(s): +36-1-372-2500 / 6439
Email: hc.nrec@yed.balpib ,uh.etle.ktt@yed.balpib
Webpage of the research group: http://lhcb-public.web.cern.ch