Marcell Gajdics

PhD student

Supervisor: Ádám Révész, (2020)


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Research interest: hydrogen storage, severe plastic deformation methods, microstructural analysis
Experience with the following experimental techniques: ball milling, high-pressure torsion, X-ray diffraction measurements, electron microscopy, Sieverts’ type apparatus
Research scholarship (Short Term Scientific Mission, COST MP1103), University of Bologna, 2015

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Selected publications of recent years:

  1. Characterization of a nanocrystalline Mg-Ni alloy processed by high-pressure torsion during hydrogenation and dehydrogenation. M. Gajdics, M. Calizzi, L. Pasquini, E. Schafler, Á. Révész, Int J. Hydrogen Energy 41 (2016) 9803-9809.
  2. Dehydrogenation-hydrogenation characteristics of nanocrystalline Mg2Ni powders compacted by high-pressure torsion. Á. Révész, M. Gajdics, E. Schafler, M. Calizzi, L. Pasquini, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 702 (2017) 84-91.
  3. Microstructural and morphological investigations on Mg-Nb2O5-CNT nanocomposites processed by high-pressure torsion for hydrogen storage applications. M. Gajdics, T. Spassov, V.K. Kiss, E. Schafler, Á. Révész, Int J. Hydrogen Energy, link