Ortvay Seminar

Ortvay Seminar

Ortvay Seminar Series

The Physics Institute at the Eötvös University, Budapest, organises its institute-wide seminar series since the fall of 1998 that was named after the originator of the first seminars of this kind in Budapest, in the first half of the XXth century, Prof. Rudolf Ortvay. (Among the prominent lecturers of that time we can find: Sommerfeld, Dirac, Neumann, Wigner, ...) The talks are given by invited speakers from Hungary and around the world and are targeted towards an audience with general background in Physics. All visitors are welcome!

The seminars are held during the fall and spring semesters, always on Thursday afternoons at 3PM. The location is 1.71 (Pócza) lecture hall, Northern Building, Pázmány Péter sétány 1/A, 1117 Budapest.

How to find the location.