Hegedüs Dávid

Hegedüs Dávid


Témavezető: Horváth Ákos, (2023)

Atomfizikai Tanszék

Szoba: Északi tömb 4.114A
Mellék: +36-1-372-2500 / 6017
Emailcím: uh.etle.raseac@vadegeh


My research interest is the field of experimental nuclear physics of exotic nuclei. In this case the “exotic” word means that the nucleus has a large excess of neutrons. The motivations of my work is mostly in nuclear astrophysics because these highly unstable nuclei and their processes take part in the nucleosynthesis and in the energy production of stars. Currently my PhD topic is the data analysis of a coulomb dissociation experiment of neutron rich nuclei. Before the PhD I graduated from the ELTE in 2017.

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