Nagy Márton

Nagy Márton

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PhD (Eötvös University, Budapest, 2013)

Atomfizikai Tanszék

Szoba: Északi tömb 3.137
Mellék: +36-1-372-2500 / 6037
Emailcím: uh.etle@icramn


Since 2011 I have been working at the Insitute of Physics (at the Department of Atomic Physics).
My main research interest is high energy heavy ion physics, both experimental and phenomenological.
I am a member of the PHENIX (since 2007), the STAR (since 2018) experimental collaborations at the RHIC heavy ion accelerator (BNL, USA), where I work on quantum statistical correlations measurements. I have become a member of the CMS collaboration in 2018. On the theoretical side, I develop analytical models of heavy-ion collisions (using theoretical tools like hydrodynamics, quantum theory of Bose-Einstein correlations, etc.)
Some of my past fellowships and recognitions are: Youth Prize of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2010), Erdős Pál Young Resarcher Fellowship (2014), Fulbright Research Fellowship (6 months, Stony Brook University, New York, 2016), Bolyai Fellowship (of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences), 2016-2019, ÚNKP New National Excellence Program (2018/2019).
In addition to research, I am heavily involved in the teaching duties of the Institute, holding both introductory (B.Sc) level courses (mathematics courses such as vector calculus, complex analysis, etc., as well as physics courses like electrodynamics, atomic and quantum physics, and laboratory courses) and M.Sc level courses (such as nuclear physics, and courses about particle detector systems.)

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Az utolsó 5 év válogatott közleményei:

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