Papp Eszter

Papp Eszter

Hungarian Quantum Technologies Excellence Project

Szoba: Északi tömb 5.61/A
Telefon: n.a.
Mellék: n.a.
Mobilszám: n.a.
Honlap: n.a.
Emailcím: uh.etle.ktt@ppap.retzse


I am presently engaged as a PhD candidate focusing on the theoretical description and simulation of electron transport across proteins and solid-state protein/biomolecule junctions. In addition to my research, I also teach BSc courses on programming to Physics students. Furthermore, I am involved in hosting the Science podcast of the faculty and participating in various outreach activities.

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  1. Papp, E.; Jelenfi, D.P.; Veszeli, M.T.; Vattay, G. A Landauer Formula for Bioelectronic Applications. Biomolecules 2019, 9, 599
  2. Papp, E.; Vattay, G.; Romero-Muñiz, C.; Zotti, L. A.; Fereiro, J. A.; Sheves, M.; Cahen, D. Experimental Data Confirm Carrier-Cascade Model for Solid-State Conductance across Proteins. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2023, 127(8), 1728-1734.